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January 4, 2015 03:50 PM

I would LOVE To do this! I really do want to start using this in low risk situations. that would be great. I will be honest, I had a situation with a sibling last night and I think besides the previous reasons that I have mentioned is that too many people know me by that name and I live in a not so positive area in my state where people continuously trash others and their reputation. I just want to feel like I can start over. That would be great as I can do that and still be called Edward and I can have both and then I won't have to feel like it is weird or people judge. I do have some questions.

1. How is the job situation handled? Does your husband use his real name on his resume or does he use the name he likes and then waits until they see his drivers license? Does that cause problems at his job such as raise eyebrow?

2. What do you think this is the best way to break this to someone you are dating? I mean, should I say it on like the first date, like, "Hi, My name is Edward, but I go by Alex, how are you?" or should I wait to get to know the person a little bit better? 

Thanks for your response!

PS. I know a guy named Steven, who went by Anthony for the longest time(his middle name) and now goes by Tony. Makes me laugh to be honest because I don't think tony suits him, but they are both his name. 

January 3, 2015 04:16 PM

I did read your replies today and it did give me a lot ot think about. Maybe my name isn't "that bad", but it just sucks to be named after an uncle that I will never know, never hear stories about. I wish it wasn't like that, but my mom scared off my real dad long time ago and now he will not have a relationship with me because of it and trust me, I have tried.

I guess with my name, it really boils down to the whole no one ever takes my name seriously. Hell, I still got two people I know that call me names from Twilight, a movie that I have yet to see because of it. 

I think that the main issues are the Twilight reference, the fact that my family is not supportive, and that I am afraid that people are going to be thinking that I am running from the law. All these things have happened to other people as I have checked several forums and those seem to be the main issues that come up. 

I am hispanic, so I guess I could go by Eduardo, though I still do like Alex better :) I told my friend about my post and your replies, she told me that there was a lady that went by Wendy, although her name was Edith and I thought about that too, I can still have my real name, but go by Alex as a preferred name and then I would avoid all these problems all together, what do you think about it? 

January 3, 2015 01:32 AM

If you don't mind me asking, how old is your son? 

I don't like the names Ted, Ned or Ward. I think those are pretty horrible lol.

People call me Ed all the time and I always think of that dang Mr. Ed show. I always tell them that I am not a horse! As for the making fun of that was high school..the only thing I get now is Edweirdo which I also can't stand. 

It is possible that I have ascribed my various family problems to my name, but being named after another relative on my dad's side that I will never know is just weird and awkward. 

January 2, 2015 08:49 PM

thank you for your reply. I am glad that you did not care. I guess I am over thinking it because my family is very conservative and my sister has already told me that she wouldn't do it and I am pretty sure that if she won't, then my older uncles and aunts(all in their 60s and 70s) probably won't either. 

Another idea that I had was to just keep my name and just go by Alex, that way I could have it both ways. I just really can't stand Edward, I even noticed that everyone person with that name or Eddie is always a complete screw up in movies. One of my sister's friends confirmed this and even told her the same thing in front of me, so who knows.