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My full name is Shelby Lynn. My mom picked out the name Shelby after she heard it in the movie Steel Magnolias. My middle name, Lynn, was given to me because both of my grandmothers are named Linda. A lot of my friends and family members have given me nicknames. People call me Shelb, Shelbs, Shelbers ShelbaLyn, Shelbay, and Shelbaloo. My favorite girl names are Alexandria, Livia, Nora, Luisa, Violet, Willa, and Elise. My favorite boy names are Roy, Theodore, Henry and Wesley.

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March 1, 2016 04:06 PM

Vivian Mae is beautiful! I think the alternate spelling Vivienne or Vivianne are also nice. Evelyn Jane is also a great choice, as well as Marlow Rae. I knew a little girl named Marlowe with an E at the end and she was such a sweet and gorgeous girl. Good luck with choosing! You'll pick the right one! (:

November 22, 2015 04:34 PM

August Christopher and Georgia May are beautiful names, I also love Elliot. Some girl names I love and I think would sound nice with your other names are Ella, Melissa, Ivy, Alexandra, Sylva/Sylvie, Arielle, Molly, Jade, Violet, Delaney, Willa, Isla, Clarissa, and Lyla.


If I was a boy I would have been named Austin James and they would call me AJ. I was almost Samantha Lynn and Molly Lynn before I was Shelby Lynn.

My parents completely got rid of the names Samantha and Molly and named my sister Jordan Rosalie. And then for my brother, who is named Sean Thomas, his name would have been Samantha Marie if he was a girl.

My youngest brother Benjamin Roy would have also been Samantha Marie if he was a girl. He was almost Garrett Roy and Henry Roy before they decided on Benjamin Roy.


Girls: Alexandria Jade, Gemma Rosalie, Willa Victoria, Ella Cecelia, Ivy Grace

Boys: Roy Thomas, Theodore Jared NN "Theo" or "Teddy", Nolan Sean, Henry Benjamin, James Oliver NN "Jamie"


If I got to choose, I'd have two boys and one girl:

Roy Thomas after my grandfather Roy, and my dad Thomas

Theodore Jared after President Theodore Roosevelt (I'm a history teacher!) and Jared after my cousin

Gemma Rosalie, just because I think Gemma beautiful but unique, and Rosalie after my sister

October 11, 2015 08:40 PM

I would really love to call her Alexandria, but if people started giving her nicknames I wouldn't mind. When she's a newborn I would always want to call her by her full name and pick a nickname that suits her when I start seeing more of her personality as she grows. I think, Alex, Al, and Aly are all good nicknames. I do not like Lexie, Alexa, Andria or Dria though.

The more I read Ella and say it out loud the more I see what you're saying and I don't LOVE it, as much as I love Gemma, Willa, and Alexandria.

We have decided that whatever first name we choose, Rosalie will be her middle name!

October 11, 2015 12:13 PM

I am a history teacher and the Library of Alexandria has always been something i've loved and been so facinated with. I also think it is such a strong name for a girl. Also, my sister that passed away was named Jordan Rosalie so Rosalie is definitley a middle name I want to use. Isabelle and Scarlet are also names that are very meaningful to me.