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Thank yu so much! This was actually really helpful. We had already decided on Maeve as the first name (thanks to everyone who suggested it, it's PERFECT) and then we saw the name Lorne in your list and decided it goes well with our tastes AND it honors my cousin Lauren, whom I adore.

Luckily this was all just in time, because I am in active labor--early! We cant wait to welcome Maeve Lorne and we thank you for all of your help!


--Piper, James, Brynn, Clara, Heidi, and soon to be Maeve!


Hmm, Sloan is interesting. a little more surnamey than we are usually into but like it. 

Does Maeve Reese sound too weird? (Reese was almost Heidi's middle name, actually).  Maeve Blair? Reese Laine? (I think we are leaning toawards Maeve because it seems like it goes well w Heidi, especially)...

Any more suggetions are really wecome--we are so grateful!


Wow, thanks for the quick suggestons everyone! It helped a LOT to have these suggestions! 

Maeve is a name we came across a long time ago and we both remember liiking it and when we saw it again we both went OH MAEVE. So that's now a real contender. We also liked Laine, though Maeve Laine might be a bit much...hmm. We like both Greer and Grace as middle na,es. Others that popped out at us are Reese, Scout, Pearl...



right i forgot that part of the post!


names we like but cant use for varying reasons (families/close friends kids, repeatingg initial or ending, wrong number letters, I'm a dr and DH is a teacher...whatever)


Grace (could use as a middle)












otherwise i swear...we just looked at another list of names and we were both just like WE NEED SOME FRESH IDEAS because we have three little kids, i am about to burst, and we feel like we've just seen every name so many times that we need someone to give us actual advice rather than us just starting at the screen, if that makes sense.