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November 20, 2017 10:58 AM

Thank you for your help! But babies do not stay babies and i am focusing on the rest of their lives as well. I wouldn’t want to name one of my kids something cute and for them to be embarrassed by it when they are 30! xx

November 20, 2017 10:56 AM

Thank you for your comment, I think you are right that I focus a lot on bullying, I guess in the small town where I live kids are very cruel. My niece and I are very close and she tells me a LOT of stories about how horrible the kids in her school and the surrounding schools are and I just get scared about it! I never mean to offend anyone, it’s just one of my greatest concerns. I never want me and another parent to ever have to deal with bullying, it’s an awful thing. 

November 20, 2017 08:49 AM
In Response to Girl options

Elionor - Safest bet is to just call her Eleanor, it's a bit too unique. People will mispronounce and mispell.

Flavia - My daughter said it reminds her of 'Labia', other meaner kids might notice that and bully her for it.

Florence - It's a beautiful name but very old fashioned, 'Flo' is a cute nickname.

Isolde/Iseult - My daughters reaction to this was "What", it doesn't sound like a name, it's very strange. Will never be pronounced right, always will mispell and will be bullied.

Sybil - Old fashioned and weird. Also Sybil Trelawny from Harry Potter.

Ursula - Too much of a reference to The Little Mermaid, and is very harsh.

Hope you find your perfect baby name :)

November 20, 2017 08:35 AM
In Response to Second baby!

Callum - Nice but common, if you got tired of it already then when he is all grown up think about how tired of it you will be then! Not fun :(

Oliver - Too common

Edmund - Sadly I agree with your husband, Edmund is very old fashioned and there is a boy in my daughters school called Edmund (nicknamed to Ed) and when they found out that he was actually Edmund not Ed or Edward, he got really bullied. Finnick and Atticus are for some reason never picked on, never met an Otis

Linus - This is very strange and he will be made fun of

Nicholas (Nico) - So cute! Nico is fine to use as a short name and it is super adorable, but if you want you can always have Nicholas on the birth certificate but tell the school and everyone to call him Nico. So his name is essentially Nico but if he wants whern he's older he can he Nicholas

Lowen - Again quite strange and sounds like an elf name, may be bullied

Maxwell - sounds like a pets name

Roman - Nah

Julian - This is cute, vintage but also kind of modern. Possibley could be bullied?

Hope you find your perfect baby name :)

November 20, 2017 08:24 AM

Chloe - I think it's lovely but way too common, my daughter knows about 5 Chloes just in her year. It has become way too overused. Although Charlotte, Camilla and Chloe has a very nice ring to it. Cleo is less common and quite close to Chloe and very sweet.

Meredith - a little bit old fashioned but I kind of like it, does seem like an 'old lady' name though...

Olivia - Again a little bit too common and I find it rather dull.

Vivienne - This is an interesting one, I quite like it. It is a little old fashioned but in a nice way but not too common which is always nice.

I suggest with already 2 C's it would be nice to go with another C name. Such as maybe, Caitlin, Candace, Catarina, Courtney, Cleo, Candi, Clara, Cara, Carmen, etc. Have a look at some C names.

Hope you find your perfect baby name :)

November 20, 2017 08:16 AM

This may sound a little bit harsh - and I honestly don't mean it to, I just wouldn't want you to make a terrible mistake and have to deal with your child wanting to change his name because he hates it or gets bullied because of it. Kids are very very mean these days and will bully someone with the simple name of 'Sonya', it doesn't make sense but it is what this generation is like. 

Bodhi/Bode: You worry people wouldn't be able to pronounce Bode, I have no clue how to pronounce Bodhi either? It is not trendy at all, it is too unique and I have read in other peoples replys that it might be culture appropriation? Which is worrying. Also due to the strange name, kids will bully your son. I'd have to say no because of the uniqueness, pronounciation, bullying and culture appropriation.

Lucius: Hello?! Lucius Malfoy?? An easy thing to pick on, god forbid if he is also blonde. Personally I like it but Harry Potter has ruined it and people will call him 'Lucy'.

Wolfgang: One word: Bullied. 

Rhett: This is a nice one, if your cousin associates it with his own name I'm sure he will be flattered and it will not be an issue. Only issue here would be mispelling.

Bray: I'm not sure about it but other replies have said something about a donkey? So doesn't sound so good.

Bear: This is super cute, I have a friend called Bear and he is a lovely man, makes you seem so nice and cuddly. But also could be tough. This one is definitely a yes from me.

And your vetoes Except maybe Maximus, everyone will just call him Max though.

My opinion is yes keep them unique but don't go so unique like this until it's just plain weird. 

Hope you find your perfect name :)

November 20, 2017 08:04 AM

Sahara is very feminine, but could be used as a boys name as could any name if you wanted to. However, children are very mean these days and he could be bullied for being called Sahara, it's a risk.

November 20, 2017 07:49 AM

You're lucky because brown goes with a lot of names, some boys names that I quite like are;

Francis Brown (Frankie Brown)

Cody Brown

Theo Brown

These could also work for middle names;

Andrew Francis Brown

Thomas Francis Brown


November 20, 2017 04:37 AM
In Response to Help With Quads!

Eek, Temperance made my heart skip a beat! Me and my family adore 'Bones' (Honestly mainly me - I may have forced my kids to watch it). Tempy is such an adorable nickname as well. Brooklyn is also strangely quite elegant. However Lucy is rather common and a little bit old fashioned - though that may be your style! 

I would suggest maybe longer names to fit in with Temperance and Brooklyn. Such as; Liliana (shortened to Lily, Lila or Ana) 

November 20, 2017 04:30 AM

These are all American type names, so depending where you are these might not be as common as you think. In my daughters school (in England) there is only one Holden, who is American. So Holden is quite rare in England, however in America or Canada it might be quite common. 

Tobias would actually be an adorable first name - in my opinion :)

But out of the names you have chosen, Holden is by far the most adorable - plus it would be good for all ages, unlike a name like Kitty which would be cute for a 5 year old and maybe an old lady, but not for a middle age woman.

Out of Hendric and Hendrix, I personally prefer Hendric.

Hope you choose a name :)

Sophia xxx