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September 15, 2012 03:33 PM
In Response to Alliteration Fear

Thanks so much everyone!! I really appreciate the advice and perspective!! There is actually one consanant in our last name in between the 'S" and first "E" that definitely helps give a bit of a break between the "sie" and "see" issue that a few of your brought up for Elsie...apologies for not mentioning that in the initial post - again a result of me being overly cautious that a family member may see this - which I know is HIGHLY unlikely ;)  Anyway - I can definitely see what you guys are saying if that were the case with Elsie and Seera. I also appreciate the thoughts on nickname there.  Elsie is actually the formal name and probably what we would mostly call her - we like Elle for when she gets older if she wanted a stronger type sound too. Sam would definitely be a Samuel as the formal name as well. 

Again - thanks so much for the feedback - it made me feel a lot better and I will update everyone in a few weeks hopefully once he or she arrives with the real and full name!!