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June 10, 2014 07:41 PM

Thank you all for commenting. I had a choldhood friend named Cicely, like the flower, Sweet Cicely, so I have very strong and positive conotations to the name. My huisband hasn't vetod it as he has for far too many names to list, so that's positive. 

I also had a childhood friend names Ilona, so again, a positive and lovely connection. Neither of my friends, Cicely nor Ilons every married or had children, and probably never will. Kiki was my babysitter as a child, and I always thought is was an amazingly strong nn. 

I am completely out of the loop on tv shows, movies, and books in the kid circles. Haven't read or seen the twighlight, true blood, etc. series, so thank you for updating me on Esme. our media tends to predominately be Dora and Caillou-  I don't know what's trending in the real world. So thank you for that tip.

I have never heard Charis - pronouned Char like Charlotte? is the ending "ie" or not silent. We arent' greek, but for reasons we don't know, Alethea goes back in our family 8 generations, always sister to Frances or Margaret or jane. one of these names may be a middle name. 

I welcome any other suggestions. I like some of the listed ones, but oddly, there's a 1 yr old Ursula on our street, and a fransceca in our pre-school. I like Cordelia, and was a fan of Anne of green gables. Her favorite name is Cordelia. 

thank you ladies.