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September 10, 2017 01:41 PM

Hello! Just happy to report that I am successful with the name change, and it really was a simple process, it just happened to take a summer for legal purposes. Thanks for all the help here!

October 26, 2015 12:10 AM

Thanks a ton for the input! (and sorry for the delay in getting back to this. Writers block is a thing)

I'm particularly fond of Avery, so I'm gonna go with that. :)

September 24, 2015 12:21 AM

Oooooh. I like that name. However, I'm seeing if I can find find something that doesn't quite stick out as much. Something a little more common, but not as common as say, Emily.

September 1, 2015 04:45 PM

I'll be turning 18 before graduation, so graduating under the new name is something I already look forward to greatly. :)

Thanks for such lengthy answers and support!

August 31, 2015 06:00 PM

Thanks for comments! I live the US. If changing a name legal is pretty much just paperwork, that sounds simple 'nuff.


What I'm considering is to use Tait as more of a personal, family name, and use Lawrence for everything else once I get out of highschool. That way I don't have the hassle of getting everyone I know right now to call me Lawrence, and when everyone goes their separate ways the transition will be fairly clean. Would that work, or is better to start the transition with my family and close friends?