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February 2, 2014 06:28 AM
In Response to Baby Brother Bear

Thank you all for the feedback! I personally love Theodore and would be excited if that was the name they picked...but I think names such as Theodore, Arthur, Benjamin and the like are too classic for my sister's tastes. My 3-year-old, upon learning that my sister was having a boy, declared that he "will call him George!" My sister's reaction? "HA! Absolutely not! Do you really think that's the type of name I would pick?" She had the same type of reaction when my son adjusted his pick to Joseph aka Joe. The only reason William is on the table is that it is a family name (her husband, our father, and one of our uncles). 

The names that mean bear in other languages are, I think, more her style. Most of the names she has floated by me would be right at home in a high fantasy novel. 

Thank you all for your input and help!

April 19, 2012 05:58 AM
In Response to Baby Number 3

Thank you all for your comments so far!

I agree with all of you - Beatrix Clare does have the better flow, I've just been torn by the idea of breaking up the "set". My sister had a botanical middle name (more on that in a sec), and it became her signature. I was always jealous! I do love Clare for many reasons and little Bea can always have a bee for her special signature.

I had to laugh when you all backed up Beatrix Ivy - Ivy Beatrix was MY number one name choice, but Ivy is my sister's middle name and she and my husband have a rocky relationship to say the least! My sister has always gone by a nickname that is spelled and pronounced like Ivy with a "K" in front, so Ivy will always bring my sister to mind.

We're actually thinking of Torr for a Hawthorne nickname - I have a very cool, very swedish older cousin with Torr as a given name and so now Thor doesn't sound right to my ear.

I like Hawk, but it's a bit out there for my husband and would be interesting considering that my sister just had a daughter named Kestrel - "Kes". As an aside, my step-sister is expecting a girl in a couple of months and is planning on naming her Sequoia - obviously nature naming runs in the family!

Graham was on our short-list for a while, but we both decided that between Bram and Graham, we preferred Bram. It looks like we are truly in the minority in our love for the name - something that's good to know if we decide to go with it!

Thank you for all the boy name suggestions - for some reason I am much pickier with boy botanicals than girl!

Keep the comments coming!