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August 9, 2015 06:22 AM
In Response to Relative Nicknames

Me and my sisters all have "normal/boring" nicknames that are not really uncommon for our names... Lorena -> Lori, Francesca -> Frankie, Arianna -> Aria and I'm Giulia -> Giugiu or Giu. Me and my sisters call our brother Matteo just Matt, but all of his friends call him "The Warrior" or just "Warrior". Our last name (well my maiden name actually) is W@rren and my brother has a black belt in Karate, so that's how people came up with his name.

My uncle is Paul, but everybody in our family calls him Papa Bear, because he looks like a big teddy bear and he's so cuddly, he always hugs everyone. Sometimes we call my aunt Christine (his wife) Mama Bear, just because she's his wife ;)

I have a little cousin Isobel who always ran around telling people her name was Lebosi (Isobel spelt backwards) and it kind of stuck, so now she's just Lebosi to us.


So this is the story:  My grandma from my mum's side, who sadly passed away shortly before my mum got pregnant with my eldest sister, was Italian. So my mum wanted to honour her and her heritage by giving Italian first names to all of the children she'd ever have. My mum and dad always chose our names together as long as they were Italian. In return for making my dad give all his children Italian first names my mum let him pick out English middle names for us. They only call us by our full name when we're angry though. Other than that we go by our first names or nicknames.

My parents always wanted three children. Before me they already had both my older sister and brother. Then my mum got pregnant with me and they had already "used" their favourite boy and girl names for my siblings. They only had boys names they could agree on. They picked out Giuliano Richard (Richard after my grandfather). So I just had to be a boy. I couldn't be a girl, because they couldn't come up with a decent girls name they could both agree on. They found boys names to be a lot easier, they had already struggled to name my sister. When I was born and was in fact another girl I was nameless for a couple of days. At some point my dad just wanted to name me Giuliano anyways or just Baby. As they couldn't agree on anything they tried to "feminize" the name they had picked out  and came up with Giulia Rachel ((Rachel was the only girl name they liked that at least sounded a bit similar to Richard)). They hadn't thought of it before, but they immediately loved it. So that's how I ended up with my name and I'm glad I'm a girl, because I like Giulia Rachel a lot more than Giuliano Richard.

My parents now finally had the three children they always wanted and even though two were girls and therefore difficult to name they were quite happy with all our names. As luck would have it my mum ended up having another two girls after me and the whole "it has to be a boy, we only have a boys name" thingy started all over again. Twice.

March 5, 2015 12:39 AM
In Response to Ruby or Matilda?

I haven't thought about it that's true, I would much rather use Beatrice as a first name than a middle name... and since we do want to have one or two more (not in the near future, but some day :P) I should probably save it for a future daughter! 

I've never really liked Grace/Mae & Co as middle names, bc even though I find them pretty, they are waaaay too overused, so I don't even know why I'm considering them now haha! 

I think front runner atm is Violet Adele! I really love it

March 4, 2015 11:53 AM
In Response to Alliterative Sibset

my first association was Charmed too haha. as mk said - the fourth sister is Phoebe. But their grandmother was Penelope "Penny" ;) No one named Primrose on the show, though... makes me think of The Hunger Games, though, as that was the main character's little sister, wasn't it?


I'm not a fan of alliterative sibsets, but if I had to choose I would pick "J" for boys (James, Jack, Jasper, Julian & John) and for girls I could imagine picking M (Myla, Matilda, Maddison & Mira) or L (Lorna, Liliana or Liana, Luna & Lexi)

For mixed genders I'd probably choose C (Clara, Charlotte, Charles & Caleb)

March 4, 2015 03:16 AM
In Response to Ruby or Matilda?

Sorry for not replying any earlier to all the lovely comments and suggestions. We have in fact decided on a name already. Our baby girls will be Violet and Matilda, as we just love both names equally. However, we've (kind of) decided on Ruby as a middle name for Matilda, so she'll be Matilda Ruby. The girls will only be called by their first names, though, so middle names are basically only on paper. As for Violet we don't have one yet, but don't want it to be too matchy. We really love Violet Adele (which I think has been suggested somewhere above as well). 

I love Grace and Mae as they sound beautiful IMO, but they're so popular as middle names and completely overused in my eyes, so that's putting us off a bit. 

I love the name Beatrice and would like it as a middle name for Violet, but not sure if it fits. Just after we had "decided" on Matilda Ruby, OH came around wanting Beatrice as a first name... he's driving me insane hahaha :P 


We also like short names like Jay, Jo or Jeane as middle names, but don't think they'd go to well with the other names we've picked out? 

And alsooo... we loved Blair (maybe spelled Blaire so it doesnt get mistaken for a boys name) and were considering it as a first name for a while, then it was off the table, now it's back on as a middle name...not sure it works "style-wise" though


March 1, 2015 03:42 AM

My mum is half Italian so me and my siblings all have Italian names, they are pretty common as well, so you've probably come across them already, but I'll list them anyway :) So I'm Giulia and my sisters are Lorena (but we always call her Lori), Francesca and Arianna. 


Here are a few more I can think of right now: Adriana, Gianna, Federica, Valentina, Dorotea, Fabiana / Fabiola, Mariana (similar to Marina, but I prefer Mariana), Alessandra, Liliana

February 28, 2015 02:45 PM
In Response to Ruby or Matilda?

Thanks for all the suggestions and comments! There a lots of arguments in favour of both's such a tough decision. Our girls will also be having middle names so we are thinking about either Matilda Ruby oder Ruby Matilda, but still can't decide which one :( 

February 28, 2015 09:46 AM

In my opinion both names are very lovely! From your list I would choose Natalia Elise.

Why don't you use Adele as a middle name? I think Natalia Adele sounds gorgeous :)

February 28, 2015 04:32 AM

I'm partly brazilian and know a Zenaide in Brazil The way it's pronounced in Brazil depends a lot on the region - where my family is from (Minas Gerais) people pronounce "de" endings like "ji" as in jimmy or jill. So the way I would pronounce it is Zeh-NAI-ji, the "nai" is stressed and I'd say "nai" nor "nay". In other parts of Brazil (or Portugal) they would pronounce it almost the same way, only they would say Zeh-NAI-d and pronounce the "de" like the ending in Chad for example. But I don't know where they name is originally from, so this might just be the brazilian version of it. But since you asked how we would pronounce it when reading it, the first one is how i read it :)) I believe, however, that in English speaking countries they would pronounce it the way you do (which is similar to some regions in Brazil, except they say "ai" instead of "ay"), which in the end is what counts as I believe you don't live in Brazil, do you? :P

I do think it is a beautiful name, however, the Zenaide I know is around 80 old... and since she is the only one I know I automatically associate the name with an old person. But then again, old fashioned names are becoming more and more popular - we are naming our daughters Violet and either Ruby or Matilda, which are vintage / old fashioned names as well. However they don't strike me as much as such, because I don't know any older people with that name and when I hear Matilda I think of the little girl in Roald Dahl's book :) But again - this may also be a "regional" thing, it may be completely different in other countries. 

As for middle names I immediately think of Brazilian names to be honest, as I've only encountered the name in Brazil, so it strikes me as Brazilian, even though it's probably not. But to pick a few english middle names:

Zenaide Alexandra

Zenaide Louise

Zenaide Catherine

Zenaide Caroline

Zenaide Eleanor

Zenaide Victoria


Overall a lovely and original name that I think you can combine with almost anything, depending on whether you prefer another unique name to go with it or a more regular name (which I'd prefer as you can see in my suggestions above). I would use a classic middle name, though... I do get how other people may find it a little "off" though if they've never heard it before...

February 27, 2015 07:23 AM

My favourite combo is Levi & Violet!! But one of my girls will be Violet, so I'm biased ;)

My second choice from your list would be Emmy or Gracie, both lovely


February 27, 2015 07:07 AM
In Response to Middle name for Grace

That's exactly what I was thinking. My first thought when hearing/reading Grace is: middle name. It seems like every other child's middle name is Grace... that's why I don't like it, it's a lovely name, but wouldn't put it on my child, because well...too many xy Graces out there.

However I love it as a first name! I find it somehow original, even though it's such a common name! And I love how you can use Gracie as a nickname!! 

Grace wouldn't be my top pick from the names in your other thread, as we're having a Violet, so I'm biased. 

But Grace would be a great pick! Grace Elizabeth is lovely, but Elizabeth is also - in my eyes - a little overused as a middle name. Don't get me wrong - it's a lovely name, but I wouldn't use it for the mere fact that there are many xy Elizabeths out there as well... it does flow well, though, and if it has a special meaning to you, then you should go for it :)

Here's what I like:

Grace Violet

Grace Amelia

Grace Beatrice 

Grace Vivienne

Grace Matilda

Grace Alexandra

You can probably combine almost anything with Grace


My name's Giulia and I go by Giugiu, which is, well pretty similar to Juju. 


My cousin's girlfriend is Louisa and she goes by Lulu.. 

Liliana / Lillian / Lilith etc could go by Lily (or Lili)

I know a Jeanine who gets called Nini

Violet (which will be my daughter's name) could also be Vivi

My cousin in Brazil is Leticia, nn Lele (also works with Leandra, Leona, Leigh....)

Courteney -> Cece or Coco

Beatrice, Sabrina, basically almost any B-name -> Bibi

Janet / Jamie / Jeanine -> Jayjay


I think you can do it with almost anything! 


February 25, 2015 04:40 PM

I don't want to repeat everything the others have said already, but I do have to agree with them. I'm pregnant with twins as well and we're having two girls. We really loved both Violet and Vivienne without intending to find matching names, but then decided to use Violet and find another name starting with a different initial for the same reasons listed above. 


I'll list the combinations of your names I like best and also the ones I'd prefer if you still want them to have the same initials, even though I'd strongly recommend not to do it. 

g/g: Baylee (prefer it spelled Bailey, tho) & Darcie (love both names!!) /// Salem & Sutton (as they seem less similar than the others)


b/b: Chase & Logan (both really lovely names)  /// Chase & Chad


b/g: Declen & Baylee or Branden & Darcie  /// Declen & Darcie or Branden & Baylee

February 25, 2015 04:00 PM
In Response to Violet's twin sister!

Thanks for the lovely comments and suggestions! It really helped us a lot. I love Eva and Lila! Will suggest them to oh tonight. 

I'm not sure how I feel about the flower theme, so I think Poppy is more or less off the was rather accidental than intentional as we just loved both names and only realised the theme when combining them - same with Sienna, though Sienna is still in the run I think... but it's not really a front-runner.


We also came across Matilda which we both loved immediately. Do you think it works with Violet? 

February 23, 2015 01:25 PM
In Response to Which Z name is best?

for a boy I'd prefer Zaden Chad and for a girl Zaylee Layne!


My favourite "z"-names are Zhane and Zola :P

February 23, 2015 01:13 PM

I have to agree with what the others said - Milo is a boys name... we were going to name one of our twins Milo when we still thought she was a boy... turned out later she is in fact a girl

I do LOVE Sage, though! I think it's pretty and very original - at least in my eyes! I like Cali too, but I would prefer it spelled Callie



February 23, 2015 12:45 PM
In Response to Violet's twin sister!

also just came across Matilda and fell in love with it!

February 23, 2015 12:43 PM
In Response to Violet's twin sister!

thanks for the suggestions and comments! I really like Scarlett, the only thing that's bothering me a little is that one name ends in one "t" and the other one in "tt".. but maybe that's just me being weird haha! Will ask my fiancé what he thinks 

I do like the flower theme too, that's why I think Poppy would be a nice fit, but I'm just not 100% sure.. 

Will see if i can find a nice scottish middle name for Violet if we do decide to go with Lorna

February 23, 2015 12:41 PM
In Response to Violet's twin sister!

thanks for all the suggestions! I'm usually not too keen on names starting with the same letter, but I do love Vivian and I think Violet and Vivian is quite gorgeous! I also really like Penny or Selena as potential names to go with Violet :) thanks, will introduce them to OH haha