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October 26, 2012 10:01 AM

Thank you for your insightful response.  You are spot on about our style and preferences!  The added dimension of Joseph's brothers in one I had not considered and is very helpful in framing why some names appeal above others.  As much as we love Benjamin, we would never have a Benjamin and a Reuben, for example.  No one tells you that in naming your first you will consider all potential future children as well!  How complicated.  Of course, we like biblical characters with, well, some character, and we don't hide from their imperfections (Rachel and Jonah being favorites and not always the most upstanding of Jews!).  Nathan or Nathaniel never made it to our lists, but I am adding them now.  They might be new favorites.  We will have to look over our lists in a few months and see what still appeals.  Thank you again, this was very helpful.

October 25, 2012 12:05 AM

Thank you - of course you are right that I am thinking of Fievel, as in the mouse!  I do like Faisel as well, but both are mute, as they are too out there for my wife.  Thank you also for pointing out the wide variety of origins for "Jewish" names.  We are U.S. centric, so many of the modern Israeli names, while beautiful, are not going to be good fits.  That is why I mentioned that most will be Biblical, as that is what Americans are familiar with, especially those accepted as modern names.  As you can see from our lists, that is where our preferences lie.  Food for thought, though.  


Really appreciate the feedback.  Have some new additions to the evergrowing list!  Keep them coming as you think of them!