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February 9, 2018 10:48 AM
In Response to Wesley- for a GIRL!

I know this was posted several years ago, but recently I asked a question similar to yours. I simply wanted to know how common the name Wesley is for a girl...because I am a girl named Wesley.  It's spelled the normal way.  My middle name is Rose.  When my mom was carrying me she found the name "Wesley" under the "Girls" category of a baby name book.  She loved it. So, that's what she chose. She didn't ask the internet to weigh in on her very personal decision. I am 27 years old and I have always loved my name.  I love when the teacher calls roll and looks around for a boy only to see my hand in the air.  I am always a surprise and always memorable so, I tend to make a lasting impression.  When I was young, sometimes people would say, "Wesley?!  That's a boy's name!" To which I learned to reply, "Not anymore."  You see, my name helped me stand out.  It was my bold first impression that I could follow up with charm and grace. This further cements that I am never what you will expect.  I am a girl. I identify with being a girl, but the type of girl I get to be has no rule book.  I don't have to struggle to stand out among a billion Sarahs and Allisons and Megans.

The commenters below your question don't know *** about what they're talking about. They are judging an idea of a name because their imagination is limited.  I forgive them, though.  It's what Wesleys do.