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July 16, 2015 09:54 PM

Hi all - I have so come to appreciate and look forward to this thread! I haven't read those novels but will take a peek. And yes - my association was to Julian Lennon, and Julius. I like the an spelling too as its adjectival which I didnt think of!. But I work with teenagers and some kids told me its a slang term for a boy 'who is a player.' Not sure what to make of that! Hopefully that wont hold true for my son's cohort. 

Fly - I love the idea of grouping them into these categories, and have been playing around w my options, running them by family too.

So far....

#1 Niam Kumara Julian Rajan (lots of am, an endings) NJKR

#2 Julian Amil Kumara Rajan (puts honor category 3rd tho) JAKR

#3 Niam Kumar Lysander Rajan NKLR (dropped the a in Kumara, so only 1 3 syllable middle) NKLR

Thank you so much for sharing about your sons too! I have been torn about choosing a Western first name!! I always remember wanting one growing up, but love my full name now. The other thing is my name is kind of sing songy and rhymey so maybe thats why I gravitate towards all the 'an's!! My first name is Anjana, now that I feel you are my naming family! :) I thought at first of keeping the initials for the baby AR as well, but want him to have his own identity. I like that Julian and Rajan have regal meanings too! I am sad to not use Soren but my Swedish 'family' assures me that it is a very old, traditional name that 'only men over 50 have' was how they put it!

Also - you dont think Julian is too popular, or common? Or will be in next 5 years?

Thank you all so much for all your help!!


July 15, 2015 09:06 PM

Such a clear stategy for naming. Makes it more than a string of names. I think I've been reversing the honor and 'alternate' positions, b/c I think ppl will rarely see name #3. You both explained it wonderfully. 

So you would do:

Niam Kumara Julien Rajan?

And yes I agree, I have to like the call name most b/c thats mostly what everyone will use. Our family in India loves Ayaan but they spell it with 2 'a's' But I agree its sing songy as a 'call name.' At this point, I'm putting the names on post it notes and moving their positions around on my coffee table! I think one will speak loudest to me soon! And Elizabeth I like Ketan too and that explanation. Sometimes ppl say 'Kay-Tahhhn' but not after remembering Nathan I bet. 

Did you like any of the options above w/ 4 names? Also, are there any famous Julians, or connotations w/ that name you know of? Just want to make sure b/c I dont know too many Julian's in my generation. Naming is keeping me up 24/7. If any of you have a name that fits in the 'alternate' position that you think goes with the others, please throw it out there!!

Thank you all!!

July 14, 2015 08:45 PM

Replying to last 2 comments. Great ideas! 4 names - you dont think it speaks to parental indecisiveness at all? lol  I love that idea! Less chance of namers remorse!! I will try to avoid BEER or FEAR, or anything resulting in an acronym! And I agree about stretching 'Julian' to 3 syllables which it is. Do you like the French spelling with an 'e' better? To me it read a little like Julie, although I prefer that spelling as it seems a bit more rare. Only think with Julian these days is that it feels verrry popular to me. So high on the Soc Sec list this year! 

What about these:


Niam Julien Kumar Rajan (dropped 'a' in Kumara b/c it flows into last name that way)

Niam Arin Julian Rajan

Julian Niam Kumar Rajan (I think I could use Jem with this at home), but that's alot of names for 1 child!

Julien Amil Kumar Rajan

Julian Anik Kumar Rajan

Julian Arin Kumar Rajan (too many 'ens' 'ans')

Soren Alekh/ Elekh Kumar Rajan

Soren Kumar Amil Rajan

Amil Lysander Kumar Rajan

Kian Naveen Kumara Rajan

Ketan Amil Lysander Rajan

Taran Amil Kumar Rajan


What do you think? Too much like a list of random names. Seems with 4 they really have to flow, or mean something special! Couldn't have gotten this far without you all! I had to go in today to check about some possible real v Braxton Hix contractions, so I am definitely getting close!! Supposed to have 2 more weeks though.... if I have my way! Wish I was calling the shots with that though! :)

July 13, 2015 09:21 PM

Just saw the piece about the 'v' in the middle. I love Eve, and Evie. Bosth pretty rare on Soc Sec lists, but short and sweet. 

July 13, 2015 08:34 PM

Hi all- Thank you for the great feedback! I didnt realize there is a cap on the # of replies! I was wondering why thatwas happening! I apologize for my incredible indecisiveness in that case! I cant see all teh responses when replying so hope to get back to each of your points. I love that you can start reading the Taran the Wanderer novels soon w/ your son. I looked at the link and they do sound wonderful. I agree Taran is too sing-songy! W/ my last name at least. 

And Yes I could use a Sikh middle name in the US, no problem. The actor who plays Mohinder is actually a friend I grew up with! Too funny! Sendhil is his first name (which I love), except I would be naming my son after him! lol I remember he used to be called 'Sandal' as kids! I like Arminder though, but I love in a way that Lysander is Western a  bit, and so many other nicknames can come from that. 

And I have to tell you - I suddenly really like, Niam Julien Rajan, even though its 2 syllable middle. Or Julien Niam Rajan works for me too. Which one is more masculine??

My family prefers the first option.  Its a mix of East and West but has an air about it that's regal I think! Niam Soren, takes it in another direction too. I would love a meaningful middle though. Kumara (great grandpa) was the best of the options. The others are Gopalan, Madhav (grandpa), Hari (beloved uncle, deceased). I will start a new thread if you'll stay with me beyond this round as needed.

Thank you again!! 

July 12, 2015 08:42 PM

Or Elle, or Ella? Ella maybe a bit common though....

July 12, 2015 08:33 PM

My friend has an Olivia and an Ariana. I love Amelie too. Its a French, but modern, And what about Adeline? Or Ivy? All lovely I think!


July 12, 2015 08:05 PM

I like the Ducky example and get that completely! And thank you again....I forgot about the TAR initials piece but wont rule it out completely yet. I will check out the other thread as well! Sometimes w/ monograms, I always think of the surname intial in the middle anyway! And yes I will probably consider Wren or Ren as a nickname regardless. In India, they say Ta-ROON. Like A-ROON. Nia is still my favorite b/c its more masculine and the meaning, god's gift. I have never read those books! I will look them up. But I love it with an 'a'!  Is Taran the character,  someone whom a  little boy would be proud to be named after? If I do a 2 syllable first name, I would love a 3 syllable middle. Thats what has me a bit stuck, although I know he will mostly just use first and last! I think its b/c my sister and I don't have middle names, it feels like a treat to choose one! 

Anik, they say 'Uh-Nick'. Accent on the first syllable. Another one is 'Arin', or 'Uh-RINN'. But he will go by Aaron most often I think or be referred to that way. 

Here are my top few:

Niam Amil Rajan

Niam Lysander Rajan

Amil Lysander Rajan

Amil Kumara Rajan (family middle)

Ayan Kumar(a) Rajan

Ayan Lysander Rajan

Soren Amil Rajan (initials :/) (Wren Amil is cute I think)

Taran Amil Rajan (initials ;/)

Taran Elekh Rajan

Julien Amil Anik Rajan

Kian Amil Rajan (initials)

Kian Lysander Rajan


If you think there are better combinations with any of the above or any I haven't thought of ....please let me know! You all have been so fantastic and Objective!! :)


July 11, 2015 09:10 PM

Thank you for thinking of the initials as well. I wouldnt want to do SAR! Niam sounds like a clear favorite. I love it with the last name and its pretty hard to mess up. I guess I could still use Wren as a nickname. My friend used Jem as a nickname just at home (I love the literary reference from that too), but find it a bit too feminine. I wont depend on the middle to tie it all together.... but want to do a masculine middle name. 

Thank you for bearing with me in the home stretch by the way! I have all these on post-its and am swapping them around on my coffee table all day. :)

One more option a friend threw out there was Tarun. Its Indian, but can be spelled Taren, Taryn. I think these 2 spellings are confusing and w/ the 'y' its more feminine and are girls names/ Welsch. I think it rates high for the cool factor and easy to say. And goes with Amil, or Niam Tarun Rajan, and I could use 'Wren' as a nickname then too. Again its alot of the same sound. Any ideas for another name without the 'an, en,un' ending for a middle??


July 11, 2015 11:58 AM

Cannot begin to tell you how helpful this feedback is. I would never think to derive Wren from Rajan! I love the idea of the stamp! Rajan is always shortened to Raj usually. Its my father's first name so as such holds a lot of sentimentality for us already! I think Niam and Amil are in my top 2 so far. Do you think Amil Lysander or Niam Lysander, or Kian Lysander are out for the same reasons? I think I'm going to keep the first name Indian... The only thing keeping me from Niam is how often it would be confused with Liam, in a good way too, making it easy. Niam also means contribution from God/ gift of God which means alot to us as this baby is a miracle for me! All of my Indian mom friends feel constrained by name options for similar reasons, but I'm going to try to choose b/c I love it. I like Elekh Rajan for the same reasons.

I still love Soren but I'm not big on Rhymey names. Although I think it works with Soren Amil Rajan. I love Anik b/c of the K at the end and the hard stop a K provides before the R. Like Nikhil Rajan too, but I have a nephew named that already. I agree about Ayan and Nayan as well. Although they are quite simple to say. You'd have to say Rah-Jahhhhn, not Rah-Jenn. 

What do you think about:

Niam Elekh/Alekh Rajan

Or Amil Elekh Rajan?

Most of my friends say go with a Western-ish middle name so if he wants to use it later he can, and for schools and 'on paper'. Feels like I'm running out of time! I want to take 4 options with me then meet him. He is already very active these last few weeks and I wish the baby could vote!! lol :))

Thank you all!


July 10, 2015 12:11 PM

Hi all - Great thoughts. Thank you all! And not to worry. No one has veto power but me! :)

I think you're right about Kian. I do think its international but easy. But it does conjure up names  like Keanu! 

The forerunners are Niam, Amil, Ayan so far, but I do still feel stuck on a 3 syllable name but want it to have a nickname thats easy. Lysander I agree is less feminine. And I had never thought about Leandro. For some reason I'm just not big on Leo as a nickname. I must have known one that was disagreeable in the past. There is something about the Leander myth that concerned me too... I still love Soren, but honestly love the nickname 'Wren'. Which I know is unisex, but I think its a seeet name for a kind boy. Do you think it works as a nickname or middle,, with Rajan being the last name? Or is that too much of the 'R' sound? I always try to think if I would like it if that was my name. 

I'm glad to know about the name forms, and that longer could be ok! 


As in:

Narayan (Ayan)  'Wren' Rajan

Soren 'wren' Rajan, 

Or Niam Wren, Niam Soren 'Wren', 

Lysander Wren Rajan

Anik Soren/Wren Rajan

Ayan Wren Rajan

I am getting closer I hope!!


Too many 'en' sounds maybe? And too many 'R's' ?? Maybe so. I think I'm having trouble combining names! 

July 7, 2015 12:02 PM

Sorry meant to send that to HNG! Thx. Oh thats good to know. That's what it said online about Amery . Any thoughts about the other names? And no- I'm not looking for a name that means divine.

July 6, 2015 09:54 PM

So very helpful! Its so hard to do this with only family feedback! 

Amil in Hindi means Unattainable / also Muslim

Kian is Irish and means ancient, but it seems to go with Indian names. I would do an Indian middle name if I went with this.

Niam means gift of god or contribution of God

Naveen means New

Sahale (Sah- hale) is native american and means Falcon

Elekh / Aalekh means picture or painting

I agree about Lysander - Im not quite sure how Id say it, but optimally I want a 3 syllable first name if I can find one that I love. I love that they end in 'r' and roll right into the last name though without being too common. 

Amias is another short 3 syllable name I think is so cute but not sure what the nickname would be. 

Or Amery - German means Divine/ same as my initials

Or Anik - Means soldier. Nik or Nicky woukd be nickname....I like the hard K ending w/ my last name. 

Would love to hear your thoughts or how you'd combine any of the above. Was going to do Kumara as middle name b/c of my great gpa, but a friend  today said it reminds them of Harold and Kumar! 

Thank you!




July 5, 2015 04:11 PM

Thx so much HNG and Fly! It is a bit rhymey those options! My last name is pronunced Rah-Jenn. But ppl usually say Ra-Jzahhhn. And you're right - I think I'm reying on the middle name for flow... Also, my family very much wants me to choose a family middle name : Kumara or Kumar, which I think links with Rajan well. I like Benedict but my family is a bit thumbs down on that, I guess it reminds them of the actor. 

What do you think about the following names: (I looked at meanings already)

Amil Rajan

Kian (Keeyan)

Niam (Neeyam)


Lysander (not sure what nickname would be, Xander?)

Ansel with Indian middle name



Elekh (accent on first syllable), but Alek is probably going to be what ppl say


I guess I am terrified of namers remorse b/c he may be my only one! :)

Thx again guys for any thoughts. I didnt realize there was the other forum too...so I will try that if I dont decide soon!

July 3, 2015 08:50 PM

Thank you for taking the time to help! Love these....I've tried them on for a bit! Still feels like something is missing. I think I have to go with an Indian first name. What do you think of Ayan (rhymes with Ryan). Too hard to get right? Then I could do a 3 syllable middle name, so there arent too many 'en' sounds. I stlll love Soren though. I think what's hard is that I dont love it yet! I also saw Lachlan (Irish), Minahl, Anik. Any of those fit with any middle names you know and love?

about 3 weeks away!!! :)) 


June 14, 2015 08:22 AM

Yes exactly. I mean like the names sound good and flow together, and optimally make a more complete meaning like 'kind king' , 'loyal king' etc.... without sounding too grandiose. I love Sebastian, but one of my friends named her son that just recently! :-/ 


Benedict and Julian and great! I love Soren. Is there a middle name that you think flows between the two, Soren Rajan, or Julian Rajan? I may use a family name too for the middle. I'm having him later in my life and he may be my only child, so it feels like alot of pressure and I want to love the name, and hope he does too!I find that other more traditional Indian names that have regal meanings are Arabic and I don't think that fits with the rest of my family. 

Thank you so much!!


June 14, 2015 08:16 AM

Thank you!!